• Circuworld is active in the center of the circular economy. Building on almost 40 years of industry experience, we are specialized in the valorization of manures and other agricultural residues into high quality specialty site-specific organic fertilizers.

    Manure Valorization

    Modular and flexible manure treatment and valorization facilities. Proven technology, robust, cost-efficient and profitable. Built on 40 years of industry experience.

    Site-Specific Organic Fertilizers​

    High quality (specialty) organic fertilizer products. Enabling real and lasting sustainable agriculture while forming the basis of a truly circular economy.

  • Solutions

    Agile Bio-Converter for Manure Valorization

    The world is in urgent need of robust, cost efficient and flexible manure treatment solutions. Our Circuworld Agile Bio-Converter has ben developed especially to serve this market.


    The Circuworld Agile Bio-Converter is especially fit for converting livestock and poultry wastes, manures, and agricultural residues into high-end specialty organic fertilisers. Depending on the type of feedstock and required product specifications, processing time can be as little as 3 days.


    Because of the modular and flexible design of the Agile Bio-Converter, full construction can be completed in under 6 months. Future capacity expansion is easy and cost efficient, allowing for great operational and financial flexibility.


  • Products

    Organics Matter Organic Fertilizer Products

    Circuworld offers a wide range of organic fertilizer products, selling under the Organics Matter brandname. All our products are fully mature, stable and no longer consume oxygen and nitrogen but are rich in building biology, such as Protozoa. These products are processed in various unique and patented processes guaranteeing uniform and stable high-quality organic fertilizer products. For more information on these products, visit Organics Matter.



    Specialty Products

    Circuworld also supports the agricultural sector with site-specific specialty organic fertilizer products. In this case, we offer soil analysis, crop nutrient requirement analysis, and provide our customers with the exact nutrient required for that customer's unique circumstance. Offering the optimum level of nutrients, micro-nutrients and organic matter, at the lowest possible costs.


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